What is metabolic balance®?

Metabolic Balance® is an innovative, all-natural nutrition program that optimizes your metabolism and leads to a new and invigorating lifestyle resulting in successful long-term weight management. It is developed in Europe and backed by over 25 years of scientific study that has researched why and how a person stores and releases energy and fat. The foundation of the program is its unique capability of developing a personalized nutrition plan based on an in-depth analysis of your blood values, medical history, and personal likes and dislikes, that provides your body with the building 
materials it needs to naturally balance your hormones, enzymes, and biochemical changes needed to reach your desired weight and health goals.

Why would I choose this program?

This program would be a perfect choice for you if:
  • you are frustrated that you are not losing weight despite the fact that you are eating healthy and exercising, or if you have tried "diets" with limited success and/or
  • your weight situation calls for a permanent solution and you want to lose weight, whether it's 300 pounds or only 10 pounds, in a safe and healthy manner and/or
  • you suffer from health problems caused by excessive weight, including Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, fatigue, and imbalanced cholesterol and/or
  • you just wish to strengthen and balance your metabolism and give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive, allowing you to experience renewed energy, vitality, and be slim, fit, and healthy regardless of your age.

How does it differ from other weight management programs?

Metabolic balance® is 100% natural! There is no artificial manipulation of your biochemistry with the use of prescribed injections, pills, shakes, or specialized foods and you are not required to keep "points" or count calories. Your local grocery store and farmers market can easily provide all the wholesome nutrient-rich foods listed on your personalized nutrition plan. It is not based on a cookie-cutter one size-fits-all approach, rather it is specifically tailored according to your individual needs. This results in successful long-term weight management without the yo-yo effects of weight loss and gain that most standard "diets" have.

What makes it so successful?

While there are several reasons, here are four:
  1. Your program is 100% personalized and actively supports your unique bio-chemistry and nutritional needs. Just as no two people are alike, no two nutrition plans are exactly alike.
  2. Through this method, a healthy and naturally balanced insulin production is promoted. Your personalized nutrition plan allows your insulin and blood sugar to increase at a much slower rate, allowing you to avoid hunger and food cravings for a longer period of time. Subsequently, more fat can be burned and more muscle gained, resulting in a leaner body.
  3. Success breads success! When you start losing fat and weight rather quickly, these favorable results fuels and inspires your sense of well-being, commitment, and your inner, "I can do it!" attitude. New healthy habits are learned and appreciated, while old harmful habits are left behind and with time, forgotten.
  4. You are not alone! At ResettingHealth, we are there to support, teach, encourage, and motivate you along the road to reaching your goal. Personal coaching is a substantial part of your success. With our guidance, you begin to understand how different foods work to balance your metabolism and which foods hinder your progress. This knowledge is invaluable for reaching and maintaining a healthy, slim, and vitalized lifestyle for the rest of your life!

Why have I not heard of this program before?

Although the metabolic program® was originated over 13 years ago in Germany by Dr. Wolf Funfack and is now present in more than 35 countries helping over half a million people worldwide, it was just recently (2010) established in the U.S. This is exciting since we get to now participate in a program that has a proven track record of thousands and thousands of successful clients!

What health improvements may I experience?

Each individual is different, however those who have been committed to the program and followed the procedures exactly have experienced an average weight loss somewhere between 3 and 6 pounds per week.

In addition, a year long study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (Volume 2010, Article ID 197656) revealed that, "Relevant blood parameters as well as HRQOL (Health Related Quality of Life) improved significantly" with this diet.  Thousands of metabolic balance® participants have reported that their physicians reduced prescribed medications or eliminated them all together. By restoring nutritional balance in your body, you reset your body's natural equilibrium, resulting in a fitter, more energetic you. You should noticeably feel and look healthier, happier, and younger!

What is included in the program?

  • A blood Panel specifically designed for metabolic balance®.
  • A personalized nutrition plan, based on your blood values and other markers, mailed to your home.
  • The book, "Metabolic Balance: Your Personalized Nutrition Roadmap" by Dr. Wolf Funfack, M.D.
  • An Initial 60-minute Plan Introduction Consultation
  • One 30-minute follow-up consultation
  • Email support
  • 3 Training webinars describing the different steps of the program
  • 5 bi-weekly weigh-ins

What is the cost of the program?

The total cost of $645 includes all consultations and weigh-ins, a blood lab test, and a personalized nutrition plan. 

How do I get started?

Either make a payment through PayPal on the Services page or email us at karen@resettinghealth.com if you have any questions.

If you decide to commit to the metabolic balance® program you will receive the following:

  1.  An email with attachments including a Client Information Form, Informed Consent and Disclaimer, and Notice of Privacy Protection.
  2. A requisition for the required blood draw and a link to find a clinic near you.

Once your forms are returned and I receive your blood results and personalized nutrition plan, we will forward it to you and schedule your first consultation.

We would love the opportunity to help you reach your health and weight goals. Contact us today to get started on this exciting plan!

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