Karen is a Holistic Health Consultant and the owner of Resetting Health. She also works as an independent consultant for Myers Detox. 

She has been interested in nutrition and the amazing power of whole foods her entire adult life, however her belief in natural treatments was heightened when her daughter, who was sick on and off for a prolonged period, was cured after three visits to a holistic practitioner that specialized in children immune deficiencies.

Karen learned first-hand about the healing abilities of foods and the importance and benefits of a natural diet when she chose to alter the foods her daughter ate rather than give her the drug Ritalin, which was suggested at the time. Even though she refused to give in to the extreme societal pressures to use medication, her daughter is now an A student and involved in numerous activities in high school.

Like so many others, Karen experienced emotionally stressful times in her life which naturally affected her health. She realized then that she had to make a choice when it came to healing. She could either put all her faith in the medical community to make decisions for her or she could take control of her own health. She chose the latter which lead to a deep curiosity and passionate quest to discover how our body is able to heal itself given the correct diet and lifestyle, as well as a desire to share this information with others.

Although she received her BS in Marketing and graduated at the top of her class at the University of Illinois in Chicago, her passion for health and fitness led her to study at the Clayton College of Natural Health, where she completed her Masters in Holistic Nutrition and graduated with highest honors. In addition, she is certified as a Personal Trainer from the National Association of Sports Medicine, an FDN® Practitioner by Reed Davis, and a Metabolic Balance® Coach. 

Karen has also worked as an International Flight Attendant for over twenty years. Using her knowledge as a FDN Practitioner, she discovered a breakdown in her own intestinal barrier with clues pointing to a leaky gut as well as adrenal fatigue. As an advocate for healthy living, the results were somewhat of a surprise.

Her healing and experience has now led to a discovery of the many environmental toxins that frequent fliers and airline crews are exposed to and a goal to educate others of these findings.


 I'm so glad you visited this site because your interest is a huge first step in regaining your health.  It's not easy. It takes a lot of willpower, consistency, and determination. You won't see results overnight because it takes time for your body to heal internally. I will tell you though that the rewards make every bit of the journey SO worth it. Little by little you'll start noticing things. Like more energy, or less bloating after meals, or that you don't have that many headaches anymore. Whatever the case, these are signs that your body is getting back on track. Experiencing these changes is very inspiring. It's incredibly empowering to know that you played a part in this and that you do have control over your health! It's all about getting to know your body and what it needs to function at its best. If you do decide to take the next step, I would love to help you help yourself live life fully!

   Wishing you optimal health,  

Contact me at karen@resettinghealth.com with any questions.


MS in Holistic Nutrition                                           Clayton College of Natural Health

Certified FDN Practitioner         
Reed Davis, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

Metabolic Balance Coach
Metabolic Balance®

Certified Personal Trainer                                      
National Association of Sports Medicine

Other Courses
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis Seminar/Dr. Brian Walsh/ Dallas, TX
  • Hair Analysis Training Course /Dr. Rick Malter, Malter Institute
  • "Fat is Not Your Fault" Physiology Course /Dr. Brian Walsh


 My daughter in California
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