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metabolic balance® Program

A life long innovative weight management program that works by lowering insulin levels and balancing your metabolism.


A weight loss of 30 lbs in 60 days without hard workouts tends to get your attention.  I weighed in at 211 lbs. and for years I was experiencing a daily “brain fog” that I attributed to working related stress.  At work I would try to overcome the fog by drinking more coffee.  Three years ago I was introduced to ResettingHealth.com., and because of this, not only did I lose the weight, my brain fog has left and never returned.


My initial reaction to the Metabolic Balance diet plan and the Hair Mineral Analysis was skepticism, but because I have a background in chemistry, biochemistry, and a genuine interest in medical sciences I was also intrigued and willing to learn.  I felt the two plans were something I wanted to do because the blood test and mineral results had real science behind them.  It didn’t come off like the highly marketed diets that are totally generic.


Karen did an extensive evaluation of my metabolic blood results and a separate hair mineral content session.  I’m amazed at how much time she put into helping me.  More than any MD ever did.  Karen got me on the right track with the foods to eat and also when I should eat them.  I’ve repeated my hair mineral analysis per her direction and I can correlate no brain fog and higher energy level to the findings we’ve discussed and the supplements she correctly guided me to.  Levels of metals (copper, zinc, etc.)  in my body have come back to normal ranges and this has had a  welcome effect on my temperament and overall health.


Very impressive. A truly good thing!  I believe in Karen and these programs.
    ~ Joseph B. (Omaha, Nebraska)

KAREN, You are the absolute best !  I am so thankful for you and all you did to get me on the right track, finally. The Lord answered my prayers in leading me to you... My gratitude abounds :  ) Also, thanks for taking time to send all of this extra training. I dove right in, am understanding how and why I became so sick. I believe that YOU are helping me already more than anyone ever has, and believe me, I have sought many naturopaths, chiropractors & doctors' expertise, but their ability to put it all together is sadly off the mark. I believe you've got a real investigative gift at figuring these headaches out. I appreciate how you zero in on the causes so easily, I like that you are unafraid to disagree with others, and I enjoy your no-nonsense show of confidence in what you think works better. SO THANK YOU, again, with all my heart!!!!! 
~ Kari S. (Burton, Texas)

Thank you Karen. Again I can't tell you enough how wonderful and refreshing it is to have folks like you teaching health.  ~ Polly C. (La Grange, Texas)


Thank you so much for helping me complete both your Metabolic Typing Diet and your FDN Wellness program.  Your knowledge and coaching has helped me improve my diet, sleep, blood pressure and helped me control my weight. I feel incredible after completing both programs.

You spent so much time working on my protocol, supplements and coaching sessions and I so appreciate the effort you put in to helping me.  Since you have started coaching me, everything seems to be working better. Your detailed knowledge of diet and nutrition and the relationship between all of our body systems is unsurpassed.  You have made a real difference for me, and I look forward to working with you in the future.  If any of your clients ever want to talk to a real Resetting Health customer, please put them in contact with me! 

Your programs are excellent and offer tremendous value to your clients.  Your R.E.S.E.T approach is perfect for helping people gain control of their bodies and lives.  Again, thank you so much for all of your help, you are an amazing person who has really made a difference in my health!

     ~ Scott Michaels (Shawnee Mission, KS)

During the time I’ve been working with Karen, she has been so supportive of my health goals and helped me immensely! The Metabolic Balance plan has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  My food intolerances have impeded my life for such a long time and with Karen’s help, I’ve certainly seen improvements in this area. I can eat more things and manage my weight (I’ve lost almost 30 lbs!), which was something I could not do before. There has been a great increase in my athletic abilities and how I am able to handle everyday stressors as well! I am so much more aware of what my body needs to feel good and I really enjoy the foods I am eating. My sleep has regulated without the use of melatonin or other sleep aids. My hormones have leveled out to the point where my periods are so much more manageable than they were before. I don’t crave sugar and even when I do have a treat I can stop after a serving and feel more than satisfied. I am even able to travel and stay on the plan!

I would highly recommend working with Karen (and have already!) because of the care and attention she has given me. It was definitely a relief to have someone who believes in a collaborative relationship when it comes to personal health. Karen listened to me and responded in ways that made me feel like she really understood where I was coming from. Parts of the plan are difficult and require effort and Karen was very encouraging during the whole process. She helped me figure out what supplements I needed and how to implement them so they worked with my busy college student lifestyle. She was there to answer any questions I had along the way and to offer helpful suggestions when I ran into roadblocks.  It has been incredibly helpful to have her as my guide during this process!  ~ Julie V. (Topeka)

Karen, thank you so much for all your knowledge and help. Your supplement program has definitely improved my digestive system 100% from where it was when we started. I feel so much better and everything is working good as far as I can tell. Also, thank you for helping me rid myself of the parasite. That is one less thing to worry about. You have certainly helped to extend my life longer. I look forward to continuing working with you in the future.        - Ken G. (Indiana)

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